Matrix-LED Frontscheinwerfersystem

The new system of Matrix LED headlights of AB Mikroelektronik GmbH promotes enhanced driving safety and provides better travel comfort. A single module contains several hundred light pixels with high resolution. The luminance of individual light points can be individually controlled by an intelligent electronic control system so that the illuminated road section, depending on the driving situation, can be adaptively adjusted. It allows, for example, the dimming of a restricted angular range of an oncoming vehicle at night or the dimming of usually highly reflective road areas or traffic signs in the rain. In combination with an integrated sensor technology detecting the environment while riding the car, the glare of the driver as well as the dazzling of other road users are thus drastically reduced, which increases safety in adverse road conditions.

The regular raster of LED light points requires a new production process with enhanced precision and novel approaches to thermal management in order to improve product life. The system of Matrix LED headlights is flexibly adaptable, allowing it to meet various customer-specific requirements. A scalable basic component of the LED Matrix enables the implementation of modules with a varying number of LEDs and different aspect ratios; a mixed set-up of different LED types is also possible. Therefore, for example, powerful LEDs with low resolution can be used for the far field and high-resolution LED matrices for the near field. In addition, the scalable attachment of the new Matrix LED module allows the economic production of larger headlight modules. Moreover, a simplification of the photo-optical system is to be expected due to the enhanced precision in the positioning of individual LED components.

The new product platform of AB Mikroelektronik GmbH allows flexible implementation of new concepts of lighting technology in the automobile of the future.

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